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    Turn your scrap silver, gold, and platinum into cash today!

  • There is never a cost for us to estimate the value of all precious metals.

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  • Trade Your
    Gold, Silver
    & Jewelry for
    $$$$ Today!

  • We purchase nearly any precious metal in any form (jewelry, bars and scrap) and purity, including gold, silver & platinum.

Danbury Gold and Silver Buyer will evaluate and trade for most any item of real value. Your items might include jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, lockets, money clips gold and silver coins, dental gold, old watches, earrings, cufflinks, brooches, damaged jewelry, gold and silver ignots and more! Check our list below for some of the many items we consider for $$$ payouts.
• Gold Coins 
• Gold Watches
• Gold Bars
• Gold Jewelry 
• Gold Bracelets
• Gold Medals
• Gold Keys
• Scrap Gold 
• Dental Gold
• Silver Coins
• Silver Bars
• Silver Jewelry
• Silver Tableware
• Silver Medals
• Silver Bracelets
• Silver Earrings
• Scrap Silver
• Silver Trophies
• Precious Metals
• Platinum
• Diamonds
• Precious Stones
• US & Foreign Coins
• Luxury Watches
• Estate Jewelry
• Collectibles
• Sports Memorabilia

Why us? We have been in the Gold and Sterling Silver business for many years, and have an outstanding track record of fair trades of $$$ for Gold and Silver. Customers throughout Fairfield County have relied on us for the highest payout fort all precious metals, jewelry and estate collections.
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